Fabulous Fox Theatre Lobby Organ

The organ on the third floor south lobby of the Fabulous Fox Theatre is owned, played, and maintained by SLTOS.  This instrument originally was a 2 manual (keyboard)/8 rank (sets of pipes) organ, installed in the Majestic Theatre in downtown East St. Louis, IL in 1926.  Used mostly for intermission concerts during the early part of the ‘30s, and only occasionally through the mid ‘40s, it was silent and mostly forgotten until SLTOS purchased and stored it while renovating the many parts which make a pipe organ so special.  When the Fox reopened in 1982 an agreement was established between the Fox and SLTOS to allow us access to the theatre in order to install and maintain the instrument.  SLTOS would provide volunteers to play the instrument to entertain the Fox’s patrons for an hour before their shows and during intermissions.  That arrangement has been an ongoing benefit to both the theatre and SLTOS.

The Lobby Organ has 2 manuals and 11 ranks of pipes and has become popular over the years.  More and more people come by the console to ask questions or just to tell us how much they enjoy the music.  We really enjoy opening one of the chambers of pipework to show kids who have never known anything except speakers.


                   MAIN CHAMBER                                          SOLO CHAMBER

Open Diapason                                                            Tiba Clausa

Concert Flute                                                                Brass Trumpet

Salicional                                                                      Orch. Oboe

Viol D’ Orchestre                                                          Vox Humana

Voix Celeste

Style D Trumpet


                PERCUSSION CHAMBER

Chrysoglott                          Marimba/Harp

Xylophone                            Glockenspiel

Chimes                                  Bass Drum

Snare Drum                           Fire Bell

Wood Block                          Castanets

Tambourine                           Cymbal

Car Horn