Stan Kann has been a favorite to many reporters over the years.

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KSDK Web Story/Blog
Mike Bush's Report on Stan Kann

Fox Theatre Program

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Fox Theatre Tribute  

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Suburban Journal South Side Edition - 10/03/2008

Jim Merkel Reporter  

Stan Kann remembered for humor, friendliness, love of life

Los Angeles Times  10/04/2008

Staff Writer Jon Thurber  09/29/2008

Saint Louis Post Dispatch

Stan Kann, Ledendary Organist Dies  09/30/2008

Saint Louis Post Dispatch

At Home With: Stan Kann (11/20/2004)  05/20/2001

Saint Louis Post Dispatch

Piping hot: Stan Kann plays Fox's mighty Wurlitzer  05/20/2001

Saint Louis Post Dispatch

Stan Kann: Celebrating the Fox Theatre's 60th birthday