Moelmann Rodgers 340 Electronic / Hybrid Pipe Organ

Jack Moelmann has a Rodgers Theatre Organ model 340 “Century” custom with 3 manuals, 8 ranks of pipes, 15 ranks of electronic voices and many, many wonderful and unique “toys”. Just seeing and hearing everything that this organ can do is enough to provide entertainment for hours.

Jack’s instrument has 17 tuned percussions, various whistles and train horns, as well as bells, car horns, wind chimes, drums, duck calls, and even 12 dancing ducks.

Jack also has an Allen “Historique” Classical/Theatre organ that he recently acquired.

Rank List

Electronic Ranks

  • Post Horn
  • Trumpet
  • Diapason
  • Tibia Clausa
  • Clarinet
  • String
  • String Celeste
  • Concert Flute
  • Kinura
  • Vox Humana
  • Contra Bourdon (32’)
  • Bass String
  • Diaphone

Pipe Ranks

  • Diapason (Kilgen)
  • Gedeckt (Kilgen)
  • Dulciana (Kilgen)
  • Cornopean (Kilgen)
  • State Trumpet (Kimball)
  • Flute
  • Calliope
  • Kinura


  • Piano
  • Accordion
  • Chimes (Deagan)
  • Chimes (Rodgers)
  • Glockenspiel
  • Orchestra Bells (Thomas)
  • Wood Harp (Kilgen)
  • Metal Bar Harp
  • Xylophone (Deagan)
  • Xylophone (electronic)
  • Chrysoglott (Wurlitzer)
  • Tuned Sleighbells (Wurlitzer)
  • 30-note Bottle Organ

Percussions to Accompaniment Manual

Crash Gong, Sizzle Cymbal Tap, Sizzle Cymbal Brush, Band Cymbal Brush, Snare Drum Roll, Tom Tom, Sleigh Bells, Triangle, Finger Cymbal, Snare Drum Brush, Bongo-1, Bongo-2, Maracas, Clave, Horse Hoofs, Bird Whistle, Cow Bell, Hi-Hat Cymbal, 2-Tambourines, Castanets, Wood Block, Band Cymbal Tap

Percussions to Pedal

Bass Drum, Tympani Roll, Kettle Drum, Crash Cymbal, Sizzle Cymbal Tap, Sizzle Cymbal Brush, Snare Drum Roll, Snare Drum Brush, Crash Gong, Triangle, Bongo-1, Bongo-2, Maracas, Tambourines, Castanets, Cow Bell, Cymbal Roll and Tap, Hi-Hat Cymbal, Band Cymbal Brush, Band Cymbal Tap

Sound Effects

Duck Call 1, Train, Duck Call 2, Horn, Whistle, Train 1, High Train, Train 2, Low Train, Diesel Horn, Bell, Slide Whistle, Auto Horn, Diesel Horn, Fire Bell, Doorbell, 5-Tone Horn, 3–Tone Horn, Wind Chimes, Canary Bird

132 speakers (2” to 30”) in 28 cabinets, 18-1/2 miles of wire,
MIDI, 3-blowers (2-pressure, 1-vacuum), 16 audio channels, 6-reverb channels

Allen Historique 2-manual organ with 2 virtual theatre pipe organs attached

The Famous Dancing Ducks