Theatre Organs were invented as a sound source for the silent movie, and were equipped with many different musical as well as non musical sounds and effects. If the silent movie watcher saw a person on the screen knock on a door, the organist would press a button that made a sound of a door knocker. Sadly, these great voices of the movie palaces of the twenties fell silent as the talking pictures came in with their own sounds.    The American Theatre Organ Society and chapters like "The Saint Louis Theatre Organ Society" work to preserve this unique, majestic and truly American art form. This Chapter routinely plays their Wurlitzer Pipe Organ installed in the lobby of the Saint Louis Fox Theatre for the theatre patrons to enjoy before the performances.

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In memory of Stan Kann 1924 - 2008

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Stan Kann At The Fox Theatre's

4 Manual 36 Rank  Wurlitzer Organ

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