The Name That Means

Music To Millions.

This Wurlitzer Organ is a 2 manual, 11 rank  installation that is owned by SLTOS.  The original Moller Organ was sold during the theatre's "hard times" and plays in a nearby church in Southern Illinois. This Wurlitzer organ is used before most of theatre's shows and during intermission.. Members of SLTOS play during these times..

The Wurlitzer Organ is located on the third floor south lobby and is owned,  played and maintained by SLTOS. This instrument originally was a two manual, eight rank organ installed in the Majestic Theatre in East Saint Louis Illinois in 1930. Used mostly for intermission concerts during the early part of the 30's and only occasionally through the mid 40's. The organ was silent and almost forgotten until SLTOS found and recovered it. The organ was purchased and placed into storage until a home for it was found. When the Fox was saved from the wrecking ball and re-opened in 1982, the Fox management was approached about placing the organ in the lobby where the Moller once was.. 

An agreement was established with the Fox and SLTOS to allow us access to the theatre to install and maintain the instrument.  In the early years, the lobby organist would entertain the theatre patrons waiting for the doors of the auditorium to open. Today that tradition continues with volunteers from SLTOS performing for the Fox patrons as part of the agreement with the Fox. This enjoyable task has proven most popular with the theatre going public. More and more people come by the console to ask question or just to tell us how much they enjoyed hearing the organ played.

This Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ

is not original to the Fox Theatre


The console resides on the 3rd floor of the lobby area. The pipe chambers are on the 3rd and 4th floors. 

Key deck with 2nd touch on both keyboards.

Typical Wurlitzer Stop Arrangement. 

The 4th floor pipe chamber.

View of the Fox Lobby from the organ level, 3rd floor.


Last Update:01/27/2014